Periodontics in Sterling, VA

Healthy gums and happy smiles: Expert periodontics for livelong oral wellness.

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Periodontics in Sterling, VA

Healthy gums and happy smiles: Expert periodontics for livelong oral wellness.

Live Confidently

We understand how important your gum health is and how it impacts your overall health and well-being.

Laugh Confidently

With perfect teeth and healthy gums, you should never be afraid to laugh!

Succeed Confidently

Walk into every meeting or gathering feeling confident that you have a smile that displays success.

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Stop Stressing Over Dental Visits

Are you finding your smile has been damaged by dental decay, trauma, or simple wear and tear? Are you noticing your smile isn’t as bright as it used to be? Are you having trouble eating certain foods due to damaged teeth? While you are concerned about the way your teeth and gums look, you might also be worried about high costs or the discomfort that comes with dental work. If you experience any of these problems, contact us today and our caring, compassionate dental team will help you feel at ease.

A Lifetime of Great Oral Health

Periodontics is all about preventing, diagnosing, and treating issues related to the gums and the soft tissues in the mouth, including periodontal disease. Aside from addressing periodontal disease, periodontics also involves placing dental implants.

Placing dental implants requires specialized and advanced training to achieve the best results. We are proud to offer top-notch treatment for gum disease at our office to restore the health of your smile.

If you want to know more about periodontics and how we can take care of your smile, give us a call today or book an appointment online. We look forward to caring for you!

Excellent Oral Health
In Three Easy Steps

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, happens when bacteria in plaque cause an infection. The gum tissues may become inflamed and irritated by plaque buildup on the teeth. If it’s not treated in the early stage, known as gingivitis, it can progress to a more severe stage called periodontitis, which is an advanced form of gum disease. Call us today or schedule an appointment to get started on your journey to oral wellness.

Step 1. Discover

Schedule a consultation with us to determine how we can best help you.

Step 2. Design

Our dental team will create a personalized approach to help you improve your oral health.

Step 3. Smile

You’re finally going to have the healthy teeth and gums that you deserve.

dr. bahng sterling dentist

Meet Dr. Joyce Bahng – Top Periodontist in Sterling, VA

Dr. Bahng is experienced, caring and great at making her patients feel comfortable. She takes the time to get to know each patient and explain their treatment plan to them so they can understand the benefits. She customizes each treatment plan specifically for each patient and their needs. With over 45,000+ patient visits, AADSM Diplomat, FAGD, AACFP, and AGD Fellowship, Dr. Bahng is the best dentist in Sterling, VA for all of your dental needs.

You Deserve To Take Great Care Of Your Dental Health

Don’t let affordability stop you from getting the treatment you deserve. See how we are able to help by clicking the link below.

Don’t let affordability stop you from getting the treatment you deserve. See how we are able to help by clicking the link below.

More Information

Learn more about our services.

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Antibiotic Periodontal Treatment

When patients experience certain periodontal issues, antibiotic treatment can become necessary.

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Crown Lengthening

We use crown lengthening to shape the gums in order the adjust the amount of tooth that is exposed.

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Gum Disease Treatment

If you are struggling with your periodontal health, we provide gum disease treatment to help you.

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Gum Grafting

If you have receding gums, our dentist and team may suggest gum grafting.

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Periodontics FAQ

If you have any questions about periodontics, we can answer them!

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Pocket Reduction Surgery

If your gums have been infected and you are experiencing periodontal disease, you may require pocket reduction surgery.

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Scaling & Root Planing

If you are in need of a deeper clean to restore your oral health, we offer scaling and root planing to do just that.