We use the revolutionary Vivos system to improve and resolve sleep disordered breathing and associated symptoms. Sleep disordered breathing problems range from snoring to several different severities of sleep apnea and are caused by the tongue or soft tissues of the throat blocking the airway. Underdeveloped jaws are often the cause of this compromised airway. Vivos works to keep the airway open for normal breathing as well as treat underdeveloped jaws, stimulating jaw growth to remodel and improve the airway.

Vivos treatment uses comfortable, easy-to-wear oral appliances to help improve your breathing and develop your airway and jaws. These oral appliances are worn at night and work to promote the natural growth and proper positioning of the teeth, jaws and mouth. While Vivos is available for both children and adults, it is especially beneficial for children. By correcting underlying developmental issues early using Vivos, it may be possible to eliminate the need for braces and avoid many future health concerns.

Vivos system takes a whole-body approach to your treatment to improve your overall health as well as your sleep breathing disorder. Symptoms that Vivos treatment can improve include:

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