Close-up of a woman's mouth smiling, revealing dental veneers on her teeth

Are you in need of a new set of teeth? Dentures may be your solution! These are a removable appliance that will restore your oral health and improve the appearance of your smile. Call JB Dental Associates today at 571-366-3830 for more information about dentures in Sterling, Virginia, and to schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Joyce Bahng.

Dentures serve as removable oral devices designed to replace multiple missing teeth. Whether you’re missing some or all of your teeth, dentures can be the key to reinstating the function, aesthetics, and health of your smile. There are two main types: complete dentures and partial dentures.

  • Complete dentures are used to replace all teeth in an entire dental arch. Depending on your specific needs, our dentist might recommend complete dentures for one or both arches. To enhance stability, a denture adhesive might be suggested.
  • Partial dentures are utilized when multiple teeth are missing, but natural teeth remain. These dentures often include a thin framework or clasps that attach to the natural teeth, providing a secure fit.

To restore your smile, our dentist may suggest complete or partial dentures if you are missing many teeth. Restoring natural facial volume, improving your speech and eating abilities, and improving the overall appearance of your smile are all possible with dentures. Your dentures will be manufactured in order to provide a secure, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable fit. We cordially invite you to get in touch with us or stop by soon to see how dentures may improve and alter your smile!

In addition to providing smile makeovers to residents of Sterling and the surrounding areas, we also provide the following restorative dentistry services in Sterling: dental bridges, composite dental fillings, dental crowns, and inlays & onlays.