If you find yourself frequently grinding or clenching your teeth, you are most likely experiencing bruxism. A lot of damage can occur from grinding or clenching your teeth, so we want to help you stop this habit. To learn more about bruxism in Sterling, Virginia, and to schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Joyce Bahng, contact JB Dental Associates today at 703-444-4188.

Bruxism is the grinding and clenching of teeth. It can occur at any time, though it is more common at night while you are asleep. Bruxism is one of the largest contributing factors to tooth damage but is often misdiagnosed or undiagnosed due to the fact that it is one of several potential causes of tooth wear.

When untreated, bruxism can cause many oral health problems that affect your smile and your overall health and quality of life, including:

Broken, chipped and worn teeth
Broken dentures or other oral appliances
Headaches and migraines
Earaches and ear ringing
Sore jaw joints (leading or contributing to TMJ disorders)
Tension and pain in the head, neck and shoulder muscles
Pain and tightness in jaw muscles
There are several treatments available to help alleviate your bruxism and help you stop grinding your teeth, ranging from relaxation exercises to oral appliances such as night guards and NTI-tss devices. When you visit our office, we will examine your mouth and determine which type of treatment will be most effective at managing your bruxism. Once your bruxism is under control, we will work with you to restore your smile to full beauty and health.

To make an appointment with our dentist and learn more about bruxism, please contact our office today.