Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

We’re here for all dental emergencies and most of the time we can treat you right away.

Quick Treatment

Get treated fast and call us as soon as you have an emergency.

No More Pain

We will be gentle throughout the entire process; from collecting x-rays to treating the origin of your pain.

Immediate Availability

Most of the time we can get you scheduled right away and get you the treatment you need.

If You’re Having an Emergency, Call Us Now!

Understanding the unpredictable nature of life, we know that a dental emergency can arise at any time. We’re here to support you five days a week, ready to address any dental crisis that may occur. Our primary goal is to provide immediate care, ensuring your quick return to your regular routine.

While dental emergencies can be stressful, our dedicated team of dentists and hygienists employ cutting-edge technologies to swiftly pinpoint the root cause of your discomfort. We will then design the most effective treatment plan tailored to your unique issue. Often, we can provide immediate treatment.

If you’re searching for an emergency dentist in Sterling, VA, reach out to us now for prompt dental care.

Stop Living With Pain!

A major reason why people in Sterling seek out an emergency dentist is due to sudden and severe toothaches. We are equipped to examine your teeth meticulously to determine the root cause of your discomfort. This could range from a seemingly minor cavity that has escalated into a larger one, to the potential onset of gum disease leading to gum recession. Both situations can result in intense pain and require immediate dental intervention.

Dental emergencies can be a serious problem in your day-to-day life, particularly if accompanied by severe pain. Regardless of your situation, our dedicated staff at JB Dental Associates is prepared to provide the relief you’re seeking. If you’re grappling with a dental emergency in Sterling or nearby, we will treat you as rapidly and efficiently as possible, so you can return to a comfortable life.

Immediate Dental Care is
Only Three Steps Away

Your oral health has a significant impact on your overall health. When compromised, it can contribute to a number of serious medical problems. We strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with us immediately if you are experiencing any dental pain or dental emergencies.

Step 1. Call

Schedule a consultation with us and let us know you’re having an emergency.

Step 2. Relax

Our dental team will work to get you on our schedule as quickly as possible.

Step 3. Smile

We’ll take your pain away and resolve your emergency, so you can get back to enjoying a pain-free life.

Meet Dr. Joyce Bahng

Dr. Bahng is experienced, caring and great at making her patients feel comfortable. She takes the time to get to know each patient and explain their treatment plan to them so they can understand the benefits. She customizes each treatment plan specifically for each patient and their needs. With over 45,000+ patient visits, AADSM Diplomat, FAGD, AACFP, and AGD Fellowship, Dr. Bahng is the best dentist in Sterling, VA for all of your dental needs.

You Deserve To Take Great Care Of Your Dental Health

Don’t let affordability stop you from getting the treatment you deserve. See how we are able to help by clicking the link below.

Don’t let affordability stop you from getting the treatment you deserve. See how we are able to help by clicking the link below.

More Information

Learn more about our emergency dentistry services

Dental emergencies are situations where immediate medical attention is required to alleviate severe oral pain, save a tooth, or address oral infections that can become life-threatening if left untreated. Common examples include sudden toothaches, broken or knocked-out teeth, lost fillings or crowns, abscesses, and injuries to the mouth or jaw. Timely intervention by an emergency dentist is critical during such incidents not only to mitigate pain, but also to preserve oral health and functionality. Despite the stress that dental emergencies can cause, it’s important to remember that with prompt treatment, even severe conditions can be effectively managed. Contact our Sterling office today if you might be having a dental emergency.